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Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Natural gas currently supplies one-fourth of the energy needed to efficiently run the world's homes, businesses, industries, power plants and vehicles. Over the next 20 years, consumption of natural gas is expected to grow by 50 percent.

Chive Fuels are one of the leading companies supplying LNG for commercial usage and to an increasing number of commercial vehicle fleets around the country.

LNG is composed primarily of methane (typically, at least 90%). When natural gas is cooled to a temperature of approximately -160°C at atmospheric pressure it condenses to a liquid called Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). The liquefaction process removes oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulphur compounds, and water. LNG is odorless, colorless, non-corrosive, and non-toxic.

Liquefied Compressed Natural Gas (LCNG)

Chive Fuels are also able to supply CNG, via LNG, via a process called LCNG. To read about the benefits of this process click here.

Driving the future

Long recognised as an excellent fuel when used to generate electricity, heat homes and fuel industrial facilities, the true ability of natural gas as a transportation fuel is only now being exploited. World-wide there are now over 3.8 million natural gas vehicles.

Chive Fuels believe that there will have to be a mix of the cleanest fuels to improve air quality, for example alternatives such as hybrids, natural gas, biofuels, and hydrogen. As a hydrogen rich - low carbon fuel, natural gas is the most practical and cost-effective way to reduce road transport emissions in the commercial vehicle sector.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells & Biodiesel

Chive Fuels supports the notion of the "hydrogen economy", however there are many barriers to be overcome before that potential can be realised. Dramatic progress in the development of fuel cells, storage devices, and distribution systems is especially critical. Commercialisation of fuel cells is anticipated to be some 25 years away, and low carbon vehicle technologies need to be advanced in the interim. Biodiesel is a logical contender for sustainable transport fuel - the limitation being the amount of land required to grow the energy crops.

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